My Personal Thoughts -I Wonder

I just got back from lectures and my head is goin through some other ish...Si I decided to come a blog exactly what Im feelin. It dawned on me that people tend to take things for granted like's simple when you keep awesome but when you lose then it all come crashing down. Right now I feel like stock market shares that have been on a roll and have come down super hard. I don't feel like the bankers I feel like the stocks. But it's okay coz imma go to the art gallery and enjoy the silenc and the art decor then Imma catch the bus and work on my raps fo my Vegas Night Tour. Oh and by the way right now Solin Des Etoiles is working on a few items, we are focusing on accesories and taking time to fully learn the tricks of the trade. i honestly wonder if I will be able to fulfill my goal of hitting a triple threat this year. Best Dressed.Best Rap and most consistent academic scholar. Right now I really need to go into Daft Punk's One More Time video and just float in space