I Love Brother Coz He Got Me Into The Watching Game

Sieko Chronograph



Raymond Weil

Von Cleef and Arpels
I used to think watches were useless. I mean if I got my mobile on me then I don't need a watch right? WRONG!!!! Well my brother is a big watch fan I go crazy every time I go to him and he got the latest style magazine coz I know he has already picked out a watch for me to see. I really love my brother coz now I appreciate a goo watch and I gone to great lengths to make sure I get the bes twatches for you to see abd admire. After i get paid Imma cop a simple ols chool watch, not those ICED OUT Jacobs. maybe A TAG or Nooka or just a G-Shock(haven't found a reputable stockist of G-Shock watches in SA) Anyway check these watches out. oH YEAH YOU GOTA HAVE A GOLD WATCH!!