What ply are you!!!

This is inspired by a new cat thats bubbling under with the toilet paper concept...!

So I was doing the grocery shopping yesterday and while waiting in line, I noticed a reasonably aged women purchasing, amongst other things, 1 ply toilet paper. I almost gagged.

To explain, i've lived with roommates before, so im quite used to living around other people. One thing I know that stands out the most, is who prefers what toilet paper. For example I for one intensely dislike settling for 1 ply. As well, the majority of women I know, prefer 2 ply.

So.. I have always believed women preferred 2 ply? It seems like it should be feminine norm right? Well yea, I believed that up until yesterday.

I carefully began to study those around me..

My conclusion unfortunately lacks any philosophical evidence. As I certainly didn’t chat to any of them or know their background. However I am hoping to get some kind of personality insight through this. Using looks and type of toilet roll purchased.
There are only 3 categories, as I have never met anyone that wipes with a fluffy towel or gold ply.

So onto the 1 ply’s. I feel you are either insensitive towards your needs or needs of those around you, or you care not much for health or the people you come into contact with. Alternatively, things like pain/discomfort you don’t fear. Or you are just plain cheap. Ultimately, you couldn’t care less about having a rashy ass and evidently your priorities are slightly screwed up.

2 ply, you are sensitive to yourself or others and possibly look after yourself in more ways than one(not just on external appearance). Alternatively, you don’t enjoy pain/discomfort or you are not afraid to spend a bit more save your ass. I would think you prefer taking a shit before you shower if possible.

3 ply. I havnt met many of you, but i trust you are over the top. Probably spending far too much time on yourself. You may as well lay a red carpet down every time u hit the bathroom. You probably think very highly of yourself. Expecting the 3 ply toilet paper to be in perfect view and reach when entering the isle.

What ply are you?