Hi to everyone...the chair is made from platinum ,looks afterdef but sure is uncomfortable as hell.So just to let you peeps know tomorrow is the unveiling of the other Vegas Night tee's,we've had a positive response since the unveiling of the first two,we had people over last night to collect some orders,i'm just glad we doing something right and we get to wear our own garments in the process cause my brother says the worst thing ever is not being able to see himself perfom..show-off!

yeah moving right along...here's something to think about when you look right then left then right again...!

Perception and judgments can be harsh

Some perceive based on how you dress. Some perceive based on how you physically look. Some perceive on how you react in certain situations. Some perceive on how you present yourself. Some perceive on your social skills. Some perceive by your actions. Some perceive based on your moral underlining.

Then some take all those perceptions, and place them in the judgment calculator. And out pops me/you/us/The World.

I can be the devil in the eyes of a religious grandma, I can be a white supremest in the eyes of a mixed-race racist. I can be a clean freak in the eyes of someone who is messy. Or possibly a rude snob in the eyes of the My-Mommy-Does-Everything-For-Me-Type rude snobs.

Which is quite quite fucked up? Surely?

As it can mean life or death in some situations. It can mean respect or lack of. It can mean raise or retrenchment. Cookie or no cookie.

It can even get hell-of-a confusing. Ie I can perceive that your perception of me will be somewhat irregular, if I happen to do something that I perceive to be, morally incorrect. Self awareness?

Rude people are often the ones that quickly point out how rude someone is?

This could change the perception of perhaps an initial, good impression. To a now, long lasting, bad impression. What makes it worse is, impressions can change over time, as we evolve, learn, accept, stress, adapt, relax, understand, apprehend etc. And can play a very significant affect on our lives.

One may be professional at work, but a junkie at home. One may be lazy in the office, but a loving parent at home.

Ok i'll stop here...So does not mean we should'nt care about one another,but however judgemental imbiciles have alot to think about and frying their brains in the process!