Kanye West On Details Cover March Issue

Kanye West features on Details' latest issue. The magazine chronicles Kanye's music,clothing,art and some remarks that have rvoked alot of response from public/critics.

West has long been a fixture in the front rows in Milan and Paris, but he's both anxious and cocky about his line of sneakers hitting the Paris runway. Anxious because he's the first to admit he's a fledgling designer. And cocky because he couldn't care less how clichéd the idea of a rapper taking over fashion with signature sneakers may seem. "I'm all about clichés now!" he says. "People base their opinions on cliché. There's a reason why they're clichés: 'I was gonna wear a coat today, but it would be so cliché.' How about some pants—if it's not too cliché?"

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